Client Suites Plus


Client Suites Plus delivers workspace suites for managing customer information and contacts. Designed to organize contacts and information by office locations such as branch offices.

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Workspaces are designed with areas that are for sharing files and content with specific customers. Customers with multiple office locations each have their own login and home page. Customer contacts from the headquarters office will have access to all office locations and can view workspaces by office location.

  • When you install¬†the suite, workspaces will be visible in your Add Page dropdown list.
  • Child workspaces are visible in the dropdown list after you publish the parent workspace.

Client Suites Plus adds the following suite of workspaces:

Customer – parent. Includes these child workspaces:

  • Customer Location
  • Customer Contact (parent)>Customer Location Contact (child)
  • Customer Meeting (parent)>Action Item (child)

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