Board Suite Pro

$40.00 / month with a 30-day free trial

Board Suite Pro is an online portal for board members to work securely on files, documents and tasks in one place. Works with WordPress. Requires Intranet Plus plugin or Client Suites plugin to be installed. Includes 30 day free trial.


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Board Suite Pro provides a board portal for directors, volunteers and executive leadership on your website. It is designed to be intuitive and improve the way your board communicates. No configuration is required by your board of directors to access information, edit, review, approve or reply.

Collaboration features allow your board members to view and edit files, global search, real time annotations and comments and more. Restrict access controls who can see what information.

The board portal includes a suite of workspace templates to organize files and information according to specific activities popular for managing non profits, for profits and other organizations.

Popular board activities that are managed in the board suite include:

  1. Board Meetings
  2. Monthly Reporting
  3. Governance Resources and Bylaws
  4. Archives
  5. Assign Action Items

Board Suite Pro displays a list of directors and contact information in the Directory. A Board Calendar displays meetings and events. Editing files includes version history record.

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