Board Suite Pro

Adds a board room portal to your website.

Support your board members by making it easy for them to communicate with each other online. Board Suite Pro allows board members to access archives, share updates and view files by going to your company or organization website. As a result, sensitive documentation and information is secured and accessed with user id and password through a private login.

Administrator setup makes it easy for members to login and get started.

Set up your board member preferences and subscriptions and invite them to login. Most of all, you can make it easy for board members to get started and save time by reducing email communications.

Features of the Board Suite Pro workspace templates include:

  • Upload, download and view files in one place rather than in email
  • View and add events to the calendar
  • Reply to discussion threads
  • Get email reminders about updates in addition to notifications when logged in
  • Subscribe to get notifications for subjects that are important to you
  • Centralize contact information for members

Board Suite Pro displays a list of directors and contact information in the Directory. A Board Calendar displays meetings and events. Editing files includes version history record.

Popular board work is managed in Board Suite Pro:

  1. Board Meetings – agenda, presentations, meeting minutes
  2. Monthly Reporting
  3. Governance Resources and Bylaws
  4. Archives
  5. Assign Action Items

Unlimited users for just $40 per month. Get started and signup for a 30 day free trial. Get more information on Board Suite Pro.

Works with WordPress. Must install and activate the Intranet Plus plugin or Client Suites plugin to use the Board Suite Pro portal.  Add Board Suite Pro templates when you login and go to Admin>Extensions.